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What Is A Raft In 3D Printing. It typically measures just slightly wider than the initial. A raft in 3d printing is made out of a horizontal layer of the same filament or printing material you’re using for your printed model and can be changed depending on what settings you have.

What is raft in the 3D slicing software?
What is raft in the 3D slicing software? from www.flashforge.com.hk

A raft is a horizontal latticework of filament that is located underneath your part. A 3d printed raft is basically a throwaway horizontal surface that sits under your object, to help with bed adhesion. What is a raft in 3d printing?

What is raft in the 3D slicing software?

A raft is a disposable sheet of printed filament, typically a few layers thick. In 3d printing, the raft is a thick and flat structure fixed around the outer sides of 3d prints with the goal of ensuring better adhesion to. Learn what a 3d printing raft is and when and how to use it. Generally, raft is a thin pad on which you lay down your 3d object.