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3D Printed Record. Can a 3d printer print a vinyl record? 1 day agopinarello's newest hour record bike is 3d printed in england by metro additive engineering.

3d printed record YouTube
3d printed record YouTube from www.youtube.com

This is not a real record either. 3d printing, being relatively young , is already responsible for some impressive world records. 600dpi in the x and y axes and 16 microns in the z axis, some of the highest resolution possible.

3d printed record YouTube

Pinarello's bolide f hr 3d was designed especially for an attempt at the uci’s hour record. You can even buy it at shapeways. While vinyl records are making a comeback, manufacturing them has always been outside the capabilities of hobbyists. Ganna is set to take on the uci hour record in the grenchen velodrome in.