Full name: Josh Breton Full name: Josh Breton

Location: San Diego, CA

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1998 Jeep Cherokee
Just Another XJ
I picked this XJ up for cheap as a daily driver, and it's quickly turning into a project car. Yeah, it's a 2WD, but I've got a 4WD conversion on the way. I can't decide what direction to go with this thing - currently it's either Prerunner or Overlander. Help me decide.

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1965 Volkswagen Beetle
Black Eye Beetle
This was initially bought to be my first car, but mechanical issues, electrical gremlins, and a whole lot of rust put a stop to that real quick. Considering engine swap ideas. Currently winning: a late model Suzuki GSX-R 1300 engine from a totaled bike. Plans for airbag suspension underway.

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