Full name: Brennon Addy Full name: Brennon Addy

1995 Ford Ranger
$100 Ranger I bought and towed home. Needed a truck so I began fixing it. It had busted shocks, shackles, brake lines, spark plugs, tank straps, serpentine tensioner was shot, and the alternator was seized. However, the drivetrain, frame, and interior were in fairly good condition. A weekend worth of work and I drove it two hours home from my parent's.

Cars Vans
1998 Ford Escort
Green Bean
Grandma car I got before college. Recently I started doing ricer stuff to it. I don't have this car anymore.

Cars Vans
1980 Ford Pinto
Project car my dad and I bought about 6 years ago. Since we bought it, it's received headers, catless exhaust, turbine mag wheels, and an air horn. Current plans are to swap in a 2.3 Turbo engine from an '88 TurboCoupe, and update the suspension.

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