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2018 Toyota 4Runner
Tepui autana ruggedized rtt
Awesome and rugged tent, plenty of room inside. The mattress and annex was included. Attaches to stock roof rails easily.
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2008 Toyota Tacoma
Tepui Ayer RTT
Love this tent. Fits 2 people snugly and keeps everyone warm. Only negative is the condensation that appears on the inside of the tent, but that is very manageable.
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1999 Toyota 4Runner
Tepui Ayer
2 person model and scored it very cheap used

2016 Toyota Tacoma
Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized
The Kukenam RuggedizedTM Roof Top Tent is the toughest roof top tent on the market. It is perfect for 4x4 trailers and tough off-road rigs.