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Created Mar 24, 2018 For BamaFoz by BamaFoz

Figured I should set a (relatively) clear goal for my Forester.
I'm not trying to build a rock-crawler, overlanding expedition vehicle, etc. or anything crazy. Subaru says that the design goal for the first-gen forester till now has been to create a car that is capable of driving over any type of road, regardless of condition, no matter how rough, as long as it has any semblance of a road. I want my forester to be able to achieve this goal with confidence, and then do a little extra if need be!

As of writing, I've put my wheels and tires on the car, but there is still a ways to go. I'm in no big rush, this car was plenty fun and capable stock! But here is a general list of things that will help me achieve my goal, ignoring minutia.

  1. Lift kit (2" body spacers, with slightly more in the rear to accommodate bike rack, currently considering ADF or subieliftoz)

  2. Skid plates ( a more sensible me would have made this my first upgrade, but I'm planning on primitive)

  3. King springs

  4. Light kit and light/bull bar

  5. Maybe the primitive racing winch mount, or some flashy upgrades like subispeed taillights or a nameless exhaust.

At that point, I will be pretty damn content with this build, and while I could continue forward like some have, I would probably look into building a true offroad-specific vehicle as a 2nd vehicle, starting with an xj or old Tacoma or yj or something... but that's a loooong time from now. I'm gonna focus on the present!

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Mar 30, 2018

Honestly, those are fair and modest goals. You know what you want and have a pretty clear path toward it, which is all that really matters in the end. It could also potentially save you a ton of cash by not falling into the black hole that is the mod addiction. Furthermore, you don't have to "flip" back/forth on mods after trying them out.

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