2/9 - 2/11/18: Mojave Road

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Created Mar 7, 2018 For DannyBFresco's "El Taco Fresco" by DannyBFresco

I was invited by my buddy Bruno from Baja Kits to go on a trip to run Mojave Road with my buddy Sam and some new friends, Tony and Krys. We started our journey in LA, as I picked up my niece from my sister's house. From there, we departed to meet up with Bruno, Tony and Krys in Orange County, and then met up with Sam in Barstow. With introductions made, we convoyed all the way to Laughlin, Nevada to spend the night at the Avi Resort & Casino to get a good night of sleep before taking on 160+ offroad miles the next two days. We had an early start in the morning, grabbing a couple breakfast burritos at the taqueria right across from the hotel, gassing up and hitting the trailhead right up the road. We didn't hit all of the landmarks, but we did stop at the house, the mailbox, the lava tubes, Soda Lake and Traveler's Monument. That trail is amazing, and the company was just as good. I was thrilled to spend some time with old friends and to make a few new ones along the way. The icing on the cake was being able to steal my niece away from cheer practice and shopping to go wheeling and camping for the first time ever...awesome bonding experience.

#mojaveroad #overland #expedition #offroad #mojave

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