Locking TRED Mount for Rear Ladder

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Created Feb 5, 2018 For 4rtep (Aaron) by Aaron

I'm creating this guide for those interested in a mounting solution for their TREDs (or Maxxtrax) on their rear ladder.

This is a pretty easy mod to do and consists of a piece of strapping metal mounted in 3 locations to the ladder. It results is a very sturdy mount with the ability to lock and quick to secure and take off.

Parts needed

How to

Step 1: Measure and cut metal strap

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I eye-balled pretty much everything. Just lined the straps up, made some lines were the rungs and began to cut. The hardest part of this entire project was drilling and cutting the metal.

Step 2: Drill bolt holes for each rung

Larger image
Larger image

The idea here is to basically sandwich the rungs between the bolts. You will then need to cut the strap again, to make a backing plate. Not sure what they are called but the bolt I used are not threaded for an inch or so under the head. Hopefully this keeps the powder coat on the ladder from getting too chewed up.

Step 3: Continue for each of the 3 mounting points

It should be pretty self-explanatory for you at this point. Continue until the strap is mounted in all 3 points on the ladder

Step 4: Test Fit

I lined up the TRED where I wanted them on the strap and marked holes in the center of the strap in two places for were the TREDs will be secured and drilled there

Step 5: Secure TREDs

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I used a long bolt with a wing nut for quickly securing the TREDs. I also used a 5/8" locking trailer hitch pin to lock them for extra security.
Note: if you use the 5/8" pin, you will need to widen the holes in the center of the TREDs slightly for it to fit. I used the same drill bit that I used to drill the pin hole.

Step 6: Paint

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To prep, I cleaned the metal pretty well with mineral spirits and a scuffing pad. For paint I used self-etching primer and rustoleum textured black finish.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Now get out and use them!

Note: Even with upgraded struts for the rear liftgate, in cold weather, the weight of both the TREDs and a full Trasharoo are too much. I use the mount when when I have snowboards on the top and no room for the TREDs on my ladder. In that situation I won't have a trasharoo with me so this solution works great for my needs.

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