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Created Dec 30, 2017 For Pluto by Spvrtan

Late post but before this past weekend's trip I had an hour to quickly get my homemade .75" body lift installed to help clear the 40s.
Hopefully these photos help others out there with their own DIY job -- it's a really easy mod ..just kind of sketchy when you've lifted the body with wood blocks on a floor jack while sliding your fingers through small spaces.

The reason I went with that size of a body lift is because it's the safest you can lift the Tundra body without having to modify anything else. The engine fan clears the shroud by about 2mm; the steering column gets extended by about 1mm. The material used was black UHMV plastic and I only have to swap out the 2 body mount bolts of the cab's rear because the 4 front bolts had plenty of unused thread.

In that hour I was only able to do the cab body mounts so I'll have to do the bed mounts the next time I have a modding session, which should go by quicker since the mounts are easier to get to.

Simplified steps below (assuming you've already made your pucks).

  1. Take all the nuts off the body mount bolt with a 17mm. There are 6 for the cab and 6 for the bed. If you have a 6.5' or larger, there are 2 extra body mounts on the bed. There are also 2 mounts on the rear bumper but I didn't bother with those since I don't have a rear bumper.

  2. Obtain access to the 4 body mounts at each corner of the inside of the cab by pulling up on each corner's carpet. I won't go into too much detail because these are pretty self-explanatory with a little common sense.

  3. From the driver's side front wheel well, peel back the rear engine bay flap to reveal the steering column. Loosen the bolt but do not remove it. Mark the two steering column shafts (where the bolt connects them) with marker or tape to make sure they don't rotate (rare that this would happen though).

  4. Working on one side of the truck at the time (ie. all driver mounts then passenger), lift up the body with a floor jack and some large pieces of wood. Be sure to have a secure jacking point because you don't want the body falling on your fingers while you're under there. Only lift the body enough to where you can slide a puck easily but no more.

  5. Push up on all the bolts or pull them up and out just enough to slide in the pucks above the stock body mount pads.

  6. Once all the pucks are in, put the nuts back on and torque to about 55ft-lbs after using threadlocker (I used blue Loctite).

  7. Once both sides of the truck are done, tighten the steering column retaining bolt.

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Jan 7, 2018

Very informative!

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