Replacing driving/serpentine/timing belt (and idler pulleys)

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Created Dec 30, 2017 For Pluto by Spvrtan

This will work on Tundras from 2007 and above but I did mine on my supercharged 5.7L 2014. I was experiencing a squeal coming from the engine bay and it ended up being that the supercharger's idler pulley bearing was dried out (I accidentally got a ton of degreaser in it when cleaning the engine bay). To get to the pulley, I had to remove the belt. I figured I might as well swap out the belt as preventative maintenance while I was at it (even though it only had just a little over 40k miles on it); regular maintenance schedule asks that the belt be replaced around 100k but always when you start to see cracks on the belt or the ribs starting to fail.

Dayco is the manufacturer for these OEM Toyota parts. While the belt is off, you can optionally replace a few of the pulleys for whatever reason (eg. preventative maintenance, dry bearings).

Time: 30-45 minutes

Parts (for belt)..

  • Standard belt: ??

  • Supercharger belt: PTR30-34070 (Toyota)

Optional parts (for pulleys)..

  • #1 idler: 89502 (Dayco)

  • Supercharger idler: 89502(Dayco)

Tools (for belt)..

  • 14mm socket

  • Breaker bar

  • 5mm hex key

Optional tools (for pulleys)

  • 15mm deep offset box wrench


  • All bolts have standard threads.

  • Hand torquing when tightening will suffice.


  1. With breaker bar and socket, "loosen" tensioner; but don't actually remove the bolt (just enough to move the assembly) -- it'll make sense in person.

  2. Hold the tensioner loose and put the 5mm hex key into the service hole once it's accessible to keep the tension off so you can work with the belt.

  3. Remove the old belt starting at the tensioner pulley; it should slide off if tension is backed off enough, which is what the hex key provides.

  4. Place new belt on; start at the driver side when putting it on and work toward the passenger side; may have to work above and below truck to reach; a warm belt may be easier to stretch on. Below are some helpful diagrams.
    Tip: AC compressor, fan and idler, over water and vane, push belt below, under wrap around crankshaft and generator, lastly over tensioner.

  5. Ensure all the belt's ribs are seated in the grooves properly of any/all applicable rotating parts.

  6. Loosen the tensioner again and remove the hex key; for some torque strength, tighten the tensioner a bit if you actually loosened the bolt itself.

Optional steps..

a) While the belt is off, you can optionally replace the supercharger's idler pulley using a 15mm deep offset box wrench. I highly recommend the tool because the working space is tight and you don't want to risk rounding the bolt head with other tools.

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