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Created Sep 11, 2017 For Pluto by Spvrtan

This build goes way back to about November of 2014 when I bought the truck brand new from the Toyota of Escondido dealership. However, it isn't my first rig.

Before Pluto, I had a FJ Cruiser for about 3 years that I served as my initial foray into the world of offroading. I mostly used that rig for trail runs and as a learning platform to better realize what I wanted in a rig. Toward the end of the FJ's journey, I had just attended FJ Summit #8 in Ouray, CO, where I saw rigs across all platforms that were built for some crazy off-the-grid expeditions. It was there I finalized what I wanted in my next rig: an all-around adventure rig that would last me the test of time while being reliable in order to get me to places outdoors that I could explore to my heart's desire.

In other words and what has been popularized over the last few years: overlanding.

Thus, Pluto was brought into the world.

#buildprint #pluto #spvrtan #newhorizons

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Oct 4, 2017

Well done sir. One of my favorite accounts on IG.

Sep 20, 2017


Sep 20, 2017

Is there even any other?

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