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2008 Toyota Tacoma
This build started in February 2016 and has since become the base for my adventure build. It frequents OR and CA, with plans to hit more of WA this coming year

2003 Toyota 4Runner
2003 T4R Limited 4x4 with a good amount of goodies! You can follow me on Instagram @T4stunna

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2006 Toyota 4Runner
The 4Runner- Lady Bird
2006 4Runner sport edition Bought in June, 2017

2008 Toyota Tundra
After purchasing this 2008 Toyota Tundra with a custom bumper, off-roading tires, and a 3-inch lift, I am hoping to completely convert Bert to an Overland machine to go anywhere for any extended trip. P.S. Brother's modded Tacoma is Ernie.

2016 Toyota Tundra
2016 Toyota Tundra sr5
It may take me quite a while to build my Tundra, but I was inspired by #plutothetundra to document my build

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2017 Toyota 4Runner
Yo, what is going on! Just tryna build up Thor to be the ultimate camping and overlanding beast!

2016 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition
Jenny, the Tundra.
We envisioned building our dream overland vehicle in 2016, made the first purchase and haven't stopped since. Bought her stock. 2016 Tundra 1794 Edition 5.7 V8 4x4. We are a family outfitted and ready for adventure!

2017 Toyota Tacoma
Tannon the taco
working on the best little off roading/camping taco

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1998 Toyota Land Cruiser 101 Series
White Fang
Bought this beauty for upcoming trips in India! Build will be coming soon

2017 Toyota Tundra
Wanted a truck to get me off the grid to do some remote camping for more than a weekend without having to tow anything....

2017 Toyota Tundra
Wanted a rig to get me off the grid to do some remote camping for more than a weekend..

SUVs Crossovers
2018 Toyota 4Runner
Thor's Big Black... Hammer
2018 Toyota 4Runner Off Road Premium. This is my ongoing overlanding project build. Lots more to come.

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