Builds tagged #letsgoplaces

2016 Toyota 4Runner
Eh, I'm only going to do a couple of mods. Maybe a lift and tires. And...maybe sliders. And...and...Long story short, the build is meant to be a low-key, non flashy, "don't steal me" kind of truck.

2016 Toyoda Tundra 1794 Trd
This is a Luxury Pre-Runner build with maybe some camping ability.

2015 Toyota Tundra Trd Pro
2015 TRD REX
I got my pro in July 2015 and have been putting work into since. I've always wanted to do a nice off road build so this was my chance. I wanted to get an already ready for anything build.

The ManCannon
Just your regular Sequoia on the streets but in the middle of nowhere shit gets wild.