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2012 Toyota Tacoma
Overland 2tall
I'm Nate I started this build for Exploring the great outdoors, the road less travelled, and taking on adventure in my 2012 Toyota Tacoma.

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2017 Toyota 4Runner
Yo, what is going on! Just tryna build up Thor to be the ultimate camping and overlanding beast!

84 k5 blazer
350 about to come out, waiting buyer, 455 half done. Next heads then block. Not being in a hurry helps. Mostly clean/consumable stuff ($). Maybe #4bolt ($$)? Plan/buying: electric upgr., solar/int power&Max/min, gear storage, water purification, ect.

2016 Toyota Tacoma
I started working on this truck kind of by accident. Bought it because I needed it, not because I wanted it. Long story short it became kind of my biggest hobby. Everything that I've put on it has been because I've needed it at some point. Still changing and adding more shit to this never ending money pit.

2017 Toyota Tacoma
Fenrir is my dual purpose daily-driver/exploration rig. The guiding principle is that overlanding shouldn't be complicated. Everyday reliability is paramount on and off the trail and it still needs to easily be able to complete the wife's honey-do list

2009 Toyota Tacoma
Walsh overland
Family overland vehicle built to adventure and see what's out there

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2003 Mitsubishi Montero
Monty the Third Gen Montero
Lets see how underrated this platform is! I was originally looking for a Land Cruiser/4Runner but stumbled across this clean Montero and could not pass it up!

SUVs Crossovers
2016 Toyota 4Runner
After I sold my 1st Gen, I had to have another 4Runner. This is the baby hauler during the week, and our adventure rig on the weekends. We are building it for extended trips into remote destinations. I generally take a DIY approach to mods whenever possible. Feel free to reach out on Instagram if you have any questions!

2017 Toyota Tacoma
Long Travel Ultimate Overland build
Cali Raised Off-Road 2017 Toyota Tacoma Build. Truck is being built by Cali Raised Offroad,

2017 Toyota Tacoma
This is my 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport. We bought it with the intention of it being my truck for a long time coming. It has quickly turned into our weekend adventure vehicle. Let's see where this takes us.

2017 Toyota Tacoma
Mystery Machine
The goal is to have a reliable platform that can travel to remote locations, all while being comfortable and efficient.

2014 Toyota Tundra
Expedition Tundra
2014 Toyota Tundra sr5 4x4. Used as a practical daily driver that is capable for overland travel and family camping.

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