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Year: 2016  Year: 2016  Make: Toyota  Make: Toyota  Model: 4Runner  Model: 4Runner 

Updated Sep 26, 2017 By THess

This is my '16 T4R Trail. I bought this vehicle to take me places most wouldn't venture to. And in doing so, I set out to build a vehicle that was always ready for whatever lies ahead. It has brought tremendous amounts of experiences, friendships, hardships, failures and successes. And it has all been beyond worth it.

#teammagnuson #overland #3vgear #fieldcraftsurvival #4runner


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Currently running a supercharger from Magnuson, FrontRunner rack, RTT, drawer system and slide, Icon 2.5 series CDCV and UCA with Delta joint, VTX Rogues wrapped in Toyo AT ii Extreme, AllTerrainConcept LED wired to a switch pro and a Snomaster Fridge/Freezer. Currently awaiting Pelfreybilt rear bumper.

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Sep 26, 2017

You ever think about turning that hood scoop into a functional one to circulate air?

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