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Year: 1997  Year: 1997  Make: Suzuki  Make: Suzuki  Model: Dr650  Model: Dr650 

Updated Mar 29, 2019 By Ragnar

1997 Suzuki DR650. Purchased 7/2017. Primary goal is to have a reliable commuter. Secondary goal is to be able to explore fire roads and go bike camping with the eventual plan to turn her into an adventure bike and go on long expeditions.

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I bought my first motorcycle in July of 2017. It was a 1997 Dr650 with 19k miles on it and a rats nest in the airbox. I had never worked on motorcycles before this (however I used to be a bicycle mechanic and have some small engine experience) so this has been a learning process. I'm riding year round and loving it.

This bike was very neglected when I bought it. It ran (how, I honestly don't know) but obviously was in need of some love. I didn't know what a rabbit hole I was about to go down, but it's been a fun one and I'm learning a lot.

Color: Black
Color: Black

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Jan 11, 2018

Hot damn.. I didn't know half of these mods were doable to a standard motorcycle. It's look great, man!

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