What is Buildprint?

People have been looking forward to reading about what you – and others – have built upon your platform.  Buildprint is a tool that provides documentation and history for your builds.  There are hundreds of platforms out there to build on and it isn't uncommon for you to have multiple builds going on.

Feel free to create build pages for each of your creations and anything you've modified: from cars to trucks, bicycles to motorcycles, or even drones.  Share your visions with a community of your peers.

Access anywhere!

For the enthusiast that is always thinking of mod ideas while on the go, Buildprint can be accessed at any time as long as you have an internet connection; the web site has been optimized to work gracefully on all of your mobile devices whether it be a phone, tablet, or laptop.

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Buildprint provides...


Keep your mods updated by utilizing states ranging between "planned" and "done" plus a few others.

Social Sharing

Build representation across multiple media platforms through input from you; export the details with accuracy.


Tell the world about your build's journey from humble beginnings by logging it every step of the way.

Your builds, ideas, and inspiration all in one place!

Stay on track with everything important to you and your passion.  With Buildprint, you will learn more details about what others have done to their builds.  This acquired knowledge can help craft your build's future.  Remember, your assembly required when completing the mods that compose your build.

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Featured builds

2006 Toyota Tacoma
Jakes solid axle swapped tacoma build
this is my solid axle swapped 2006 toyota tacoma, the solid axle swap and all bumpers, armor, and racks were built by my shop, Adventure Offroad Fabrication. the front axle is a high pinion dana 44 from a 79 ford f250 highboy, 35" cooper stt max, all custom built armor, dual battery setup, on board air and co2, roof top tent, bedslide, fridge, and much more!

2002 Toyota Tacoma
Lab Taxi
My ever so slow build of my 2002 Tacoma for off-roading/overlanding, daily driving, and overall fun truck.

2014 Ram 2500
Foolsized Recreation
Just a work truck girl living in an overland world.


Buildprint is home to builds based upon a vast variety of platforms.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to modding your builds.

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Our collection of log entries is an invaluable knowledge resource.

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Inspiration & unique projects

Draw ideas from other builds that you can both adopt and adapt to your overall vision.

Discover the wild and innovative builds that push the limits of their respective platforms.